California – Southwest Region Office

California - Southwest Region Office

California Office

11291 Pyrites Way, Suite B
Gold River, CA 95670

Apex Envirotech, Inc. provides efficient and effective environmental services designed for your specific geographic area and regulatory region in the California-Southwest Region. We define the issues, provide work plans and cost estimates, and obtain regulatory concurrence, if needed, prior to initiating work. The vast experience of our registered geologists and engineers is focused to perform and complete the approved work required to remove environmental liability and close regulatory case files.

Apex has the manpower it takes to see site activities through from start to finish. Apex is committed to complying with all applicable state and federal regulations while keeping our client the number one priority. Apex professionals include state-registered geologists, certified environmental managers, registered professional engineers, registered environmental assessors, certified asbestos inspectors and management planners, and groundwater scientists certified to work in California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Apex works with all California Regional Water Quality Control Boards in arriving at agreements regarding site management and closure options. Apex has worked with California and Southwest clients utilizing The Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Act of 1989 for the last 15 years. The Fund was created by the California Legislature, and is administered by the California State Water Resources Control Board, to provide a means for petroleum underground storage tanks (UST) owners and operators to meet the federal and state requirements. The Fund also assists a large number of small businesses and individuals by providing reimbursement for unexpected and catastrophic expenses associated with the cleanup of leaking petroleum USTs. The Fund also provides money to the Regional Water Quality Control Boards and local regulatory agencies to abate emergency situations or to cleanup abandoned sites that pose a threat to human health, safety, and the environment, as a result of a petroleum release from a UST.

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