Emergency Spill Management

Apex employs professionals trained in OSHA HAZWOPER emergency response techniques.

Apex personnel are trained in 40 hour OSHA HAZWOPER and management for emergency response activities, including emergency spill response and hazardous material spill response. We are equipped to deal with leaking underground or above ground storage tank systems, petroleum tanker rollovers, storage tank overfills and any other emergency that could arise from the storage, transport or delivery of petroleum products. Apex has teamed with other local contractors to offer turnkey service for an emergency spill response.

One call to Apex Envirotech and the following services can be coordinated:

  • Management and deployment of materials and subcontractors required to clean up the release
  • Proper documentation and notification of the proper local, state and federal agencies
  • Recovery trench installation to capture free petroleum product in the subsurface
  • Sampling and disposal of the petroleum product
  • Sampling of the soil and water affected by the spill
  • Excavation of affected soil and confirmation sampling
  • Sampling and disposal of excavated materials
  • All documentation and reporting of the response activities
  • Site Characterization by soil boring and groundwater monitoring, if required
  • Remediation of affected soil and groundwater, if required
  • Final project results reports and obtaining regulatory closure

Apex Provides Emergency Spill Response Services

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