Phase II Environmental Assessments

Apex offers expert phase II environmental real estate assessments

Phase 2 environmental assessment

Should a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment find a potential issue, additional soil or groundwater testing and sampling can be completed under a Phase II Site Assessment. Using our advanced drilling and sampling methods, Apex Envirotech can define the nature of the geometry and concentrations of the contaminant or area of concern. A final report includes a clear interpretation of the data collected and recommendations about cleanup options and any possible liability issues.

Where the Phase I ESA went as far as records research and interviews of past and present occupants, the Phase II ESA goes a step further in order to make determinations based upon chemical analysis of current air, soil, water, or building material samples as they relate to the property being investigated.  Apex has professionals in the field well adapt to sampling a variety of matrices in accordance with the company’s standards-based approach that emphasizes current and appropriate sampling methodology, cross-contamination prevention measures, and strict chain of custody procedures; all emanating from Apex’s high standards of accuracy and integrity.  Apex has identified and built solid relationships with industry-leading analytical laboratories in the region; when business decisions become Phase II ESA results driven, there is no substitute.

Apex provides phase II environmental assessment services

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